Buying & Selling Crypto made easy and Secure in Africa


Who We Are

Bitaprica is a Multi Currency Crypto Exchange , that provides secure non custodial wallets and a P2P exchange interface.

Most Exchanges have become so complex and trivial, making it difficult for the average african trader, particularly those who are trading for the first time. Bitaprica is 100% African and understands what the African Market needs better, hence why we embarked on building a simple, secure and user friendly Crypto exchange.

Blockchain is the new renaissance that will financially empower millions across Africa, therefore it needs to be adaptable and acceptable. Bitaprica's goal is to make this a reality.

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Our Services

BitAprica Academy

Bitaprica has partnered with Learning Institutions and Research Centers in Kenya to offer Blockchain courses and support capcity buidling in blockchain developers

Blockchain Consultancy

BitAprica offers a range of Blockchain consultancy services for companies and Government departments that wish to integrate blockchain solutions.

Blockchain Regulation

We're currently engaging some Governments in East Africa on how to regulate the space and development of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

We have a Mobile App in Early Access Version. You're interested?

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Our Products

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Crypto Wallets

BitAprica supports multiple crypto wallets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether.

Users can conveniently swap digital asset on BitAprica

Users can conveniently liquidate their digital asset for cash, and transfer directly to bank accounts and mobile money wallets

BitAprica believes in empowering African Crypto traders. Our P2P platform is fast to set up with a simplified KYC and user interface. Traders can quickly set up and trade in no time

Our Partners

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